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The Lost Dominion Screening Collective Presents Big Meat Eater

April 18th, Bytowne Cinema

The Lost Dominion Screening Collective is proud to present a new 2k digital restoration of the Canadian cult-classic Big Meat Eater. It will screen at the ByTowne Cinema on Wednesday April 18th at 9:15pm in celebration of National Canadian Film Day.The legendary comedy/sci-fi/horror/musical has been painstakingly restored by the film conservators at Library and Archives Canada from the film's original production elements.

Description from the Jan 29, 2018 screening at the Cinematheque in Vancouver:
"Is Big Meat Eater, like, the very best sci-fi zombie horror musical comedy ever made in British Columbia? Uh, probably! Former SFU film students Chris Windsor (directing) and Laurence Keane (producing) co-wrote with (Phil Savath) this anti-suburbia satire and ready-made cult classic, a fond and freaky tribute to the B-movie. George Dawson is Bob Sanderson, a mild-mannered butcher in sleepy Burquitlam whose business becomes a little shop of horrors when he’s forced to contend with a murderous employee, an alien invasion, and a hot market for radioactive “Balonium.” Canadian jazz/blues great Clarence “Big” Miller looms large as Abdullah, the “Big Meat Eater” of the title. An admiring review in London’s Time Out magazine described the film as a “response to the slander that all Canadian movies look like they’re made by social workers.” Totally freakin’ awesome! DCP courtesy of Library and Archives Canada."

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Lost Dominion Screening Collective
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